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When your old, tired cushion covers are starting to show the effects of sitting out in the hot summer sun, and living through the cold, harsh, snowy winters, it is time to upgrade them. You can go one of two routes when it comes time. Either purchasing brand new patio cushion covers from our main page, or you can go about building your own patio cushion covers. This do it yourself project should take you a few hours, and a few bucks to do, so if you have the time and experience, why not save yourself the money and create your own works of art? By following the simple steps below, and applying your own creative ingenuity, you can have the perfect patio cushion covers for your outdoor area.


Step 1) Cut The Material Off The Existing Cushions – Before you begin with the new fabric, you are going to need to remove the fabric that is already covering the foam. Using a straight razor, cut along the seams to break the existing threads. Once this has been completed, you’ll want to set the cushions aside, and use the fabric for step 2.
Step 2) Cut The New Waterproof Material In The Shape Of The Cushion – As long as you have been careful removing the old material, you can use it as a template for the size that you will need on the new material. To stay safe, cut the new material slightly larger than the old material to make sure you have room to sew it.
Step 3) Sew The First Three Sides Of The New Cushion Cover – Now you will need to take your sewing experience and use it to make a slip cover for the cushion. After you’ve got the material cut, you will want to begin sewing it together with the inside of the cushion cover facing out.

Outdoor Cushion Covers

Step 4) Install The Cushion, Finish Sewing Remaining Side Of Cover – After you’ve sewn three sides together, and folded the material right side out, you will need to insert the cushion, and make another seam along the final edge.

Once this has been completed, double check the seams to ensure there is no damage. If everything looks good, you can then replace the cushions back on your patio furniture, and enjoy spending time on your decomposed granite patio, or any other type of more about Patio click here

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