Top 5 Fire Safety Items for the Home

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When it comes to homewares, finding the best fire safety items to keep your family safe is of paramount importance. Aside from a fire extinguisher, there are a number of safety devices on the market that can keep you safe and protect you from a disastrous event. House fires can be sudden and unexpected, which is why it’s so important to have household items to protect you. Within this article, you will find a list of the top five safety items that can save your life in the event that your house catches fire.

1. Smoke alarms

As the most basic and relied upon method of household fire protection, smoke alarms are by far the most common fire safety item that people put in their homes. Smoke alarms tell occupants that there could be a fire by going off the moment smoke is detected. But did you also know that many other items protect you from fires in your home? It’s true. To learn more about these items, keep reading.

2. Sprinkler systems

According to, which can be accessed at, having a variety of life-saving items in your home not only protects you, but also makes you feel safe. One of the greatest items you can place in your house is a sprinkler system. When activated by a fire, sprinkler systems not only soak the entire house; these systems can also be activated by extreme heat, according to How Stuff Works, which can be found at Sprinkler systems are very effective in keeping homes safe from fires. Sprinkler systems have been placed in office buildings, schools and commercial buildings.
In fact, sprinkler systems are so effective that they were first put to use 100 years ago by many who worked in the textile industry. Most people recommend placing smoke alarms in your home. While smoke alarms are great for alerting home owners of a fire in the house, they do nothing to extinguish the fire. This is what sets sprinkler systems apart from smoke alarms. Smoke alarms often go off unnecessarily, when dense heat from cooking becomes strong. One of the only drawbacks to having a sprinkler system is the fact that furniture may be drenched if the system goes off.visit our site for more information about Fire safety at home.

3. As one of the top 5 fire safety items for the home, fire extinguishers are another great item that can stop a fire before it becomes uncontrollable.

If a small fire has started in your home, spraying a fire extinguisher, in many cases, is one of the greatest ways to keep a fire from getting larger. It is a good idea to place fire extinguishers in a central place within your home, where it can be easily accessed.
While having just one fire extinguisher in your house is a good idea, having several of them is more beneficial, because they can be accessed in multiple locations. It is also a good idea to practice using them to prepare for an unexpected fire. That way, you’re not as panicked and unsure of what to do.

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4. Fire blankets

It is a good idea to be prepared for anything, when it comes to household fires. In addition to essential items, such as fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, it is a good idea to keep a fire blanket in the kitchen. Fire blankets reduce costs and are a great way to put out small fires that may start in the house.

5. Fire retardant paint

While traditional paint is used in most houses, there are many benefits to using fire retardant paint. Paint your walls with fire retardant paint, and you can prevent a fire from starting.

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